In the Nation's Capital, while the world's elite gather to hammer out laws and world affairs, the back rooms of bars and nightclubs are filled with the sounds of blues, jazz, rock, and go-go.  It is here that the Cousin John Band pushes the roots music boundaries of Americana.  While CJB's sound and soul is anchored in blues-rock, they season their sound with ample dashes of country, bluegrass, R&B, swing, and funk.  

CJB was founded in 1999 by John Mobley and his cousin Chris Mobley.  Today, CJB features John's lead vocal and bluesy rhythm guitar along with Joe Goltz (lead guitars and vox), Tim Howe (bass and vox), Dave O'Brien (drums and vox).  While none of the members are actually cousins, they have a familial bond having worked and played together for over 10 years.   Each member is a seasoned musician with decades of experience prior to banding together as CJB.  After countless endeavors that didn't make it past the first year of the local party/bar scene, CJB is a breakaway dream come true for all of the "cousins"!

CJB's live performances are both eclectic and electric featuring a wide range of original music mixed with covers from bands such as Little Feat, The Allman Brothers, Delbert McClinton, Aerosmith and Stevie Ray Vaughn. With bluesy guitar riffs, tight harmonies and buttery grooves, CJB is energetically building a loyal following with a home base the Mid-Atlantic area and fans around the world.

Cjb at rail

"Cousin John" Mobley

Lead vocalist John Mobley divided his formative years between living in the DC area and in rural KY, where the seeds of a true passion for roots music grew while fishing and hunting with family (a mixture of holy rollers and outlaws) and working on his Grandmother's tobacco farm.

"Cousin Joe" Goltz


"Cousin Tim" Howe


"Cousin Dave" O'Brien